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I can offer you various options, ranging from mindfulness based coaching, or a one off session on Mindfulness meditation techniques through to a more in-depth mindfulness course, including each of the courses listed below.

Alternatively following an initial consultation I can develop a bespoke course or workshop depending upon your individual or organisational needs.

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 This is an 8 week course, good for anyone who would like to learn the foundations of mindfulness for living everyday with kindness and ease. Or as a refresher if your personal practice has lapsed.

This is an 8 week course, good for learning to cope with everyday stress and can also be useful for managing other long term health conditions. 


This is an 8 week course, good for people who experience Depression or Anxiety and would like to use the skills of mindfulness to cope with difficulties they face.

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Following an initial consultation a bespoke course can be designed to suit your individual needs

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