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Liz Newstead

Mental Health and Resilience Training Consultant 


What I can offer.

As a mental health nurse an aspect of my professional role was also as an educator, I have been a senior lecturer in Mental Health and an NHS National Education for Scotland Practice Educator. These educational roles began my love of helping people to learn and develop. Combining this with my passion for improving mental health I continue to enjoy engaging with people, providing education on how to enhance mental wellbeing, enabling people to develop skills which empower them to tackle life's challenges with resolve and resilience. 

In collaboration with your organisation I can deliver bespoke training for your staff around mental health, that will enhance their emotional well being which in turn will improve self awareness and self confidence. This may be in the form of one off workshops or could be a series of resilience enhancing work-based reflective sessions etc.

Currently I am contracted by leading mental health charity, Change Mental Health formerly Support in Mind Scotland, to deliver mental health and resilience training in schools and youth groups in Highland. In addition I also deliver their mental health insight and mental health champions courses to organisations throughout Scotland.


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"Liz's style and knowledge was excellent"

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 "Lots of information, well paced and Liz delivered the course superbly"


"Liz has a lovely manner, she has a fantastic amount of knowledge accumulated over many years."

Please feel free to contact me to discuss what I can do for your organisation

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